I’ve always had an interest in cooking but have been too lazy to go about doing it. When I was younger, I had this image of cooking being intricate, overly complicated and above all…time consuming.

This has never stopped me from eating, of course! I sometimes refer to myself as a glutton (jokingly, of course) because, well, simply put: I love food.

I was inspired by sites such as Hungry Girl that simplified cooking while remaining healthy, and always had the urge to cook while watching Food Network.

Enthusiasm aside, it’s always a bit daunting to start learning something new, so that’s why I’m here to help! I post recipes that I’ve tried with tips and pointers to help you out along the way. Oh, and there will be *actual* pictures, too! You can check out the pages on the sidebar to view archives of recipe posts.

In addition to my “food” blog, I also own a general blog of randomness.

You can view and subscribe to the blog’s Twitter page, as well.

Happy cooking! (and eating!)

–Legal Stuff–
Recipes that I post are generally deviations of recipes that I’ve found — scattered around the net, cookbooks, etc.
Please don’t steal my stuff and claim it as your own. If you want to use my recipes or pictures, please ask my permission first…I swear I don’t bite. All I ask is for a (teensy) bit of credit.

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